Academic Success Strategies

Becoming an academically successful college student takes hard work and may require you to use different strategies than you used in high school.

In September, the Academic Advising Center is offering workshops to assist students with the transition to college. Click here for the schedule.

Also check out the useful links on this page for handouts, "tip" sheets, planning guides and quizzes that may assist you. Try different techniques until you find the ones that work best for you.

And always reach out to your professors when you have questions about course material. They are the experts on how to succeed in their class!

Tips from IC Students
Strategies that work! Contributed by the Class of 2017.

How to Study
A collection of web sites with information created by a variety of colleges and universities.

Tips for Using Faculty Office Hours.
A handout that explains how office hours can help you succeed and how to use them effectively.