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Academic Advising Center Fall Workshop Series

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Friday, September 30 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM

I want to double-major, minor, study abroad, and more: How understanding and utilizing your student records can help you develop a long-term academic plan

Clark Lounge- Campus Center

Do you have questions about your academic requirements?  Do you want to have an interest in multiple areas of study?  Is studying abroad on your agenda? Would you like to know more about the ICC? If so, it is important that you begin planning sooner rather than later!  Join us in this informational session designed to introduce you to HomerConnect, the academic transcript, and your degree evaluation so that you can understand how utilizing those tools effectively can help with your long-term planning and progress.

Go to https://orgsync.com/132086/events/1540203/occurrences/3539006 to register for this workshop.  Registration is required.

Wednesday, October 5 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM

Time management principles and insights: Learn the ins and outs of how to budget your time to make the most of your education at Ithaca College

Clark Lounge- Campus Center

Making the transition to college can be challenging when determining how best to use your time. In this session, you’ll learn what to include in your time management plan and how to make the most of your free time. You will also learn how to plan your studies, prioritize effectively, and how to be involved on campus; all the while still sticking to your time budget.

Go to https://orgsync.com/132086/events/1540214/occurrences/3539018 to register for this workshop.  Registration is required.

Wednesday, October 12 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM

Keys to communicating effectively in college: Why addressing professors as “Hey, dude” and using emoji’s is not recommended 

Emerson C- Campus Center

In this session, students will learn the fundamental tools needed to communicate appropriately with faculty and staff on campus.  Topics such as professional email etiquette, how to prepare for and use office hours, and the art of advocating for yourself will be encompassed within this one-hour session. 

Go to https://orgsync.com/132086/events/1540223/occurrences/3539039 to register for this workshop.  Registration is required.