Registration Tips

Course registration for returning students is now open. It will close at midnight on Wednesday, August 20 and then reopen for all students (including incoming first year students) on August 22 at 5:00 pm. Registration will remain open until September 3 (the last day of drop/add).

Here are some useful tips and links to resources to help you have a positive registration experience.



Plan ahead. Plan ahead. Plan ahead.

  • Use the undergraduate catalog to identify courses that are needed for your major or minor.
  • Know which general education requirements (such as the ICC) you need to complete.
  • Pay attention to the sequence of courses. Is a course only offered in the Fall? in the Spring?
  • Do you have to take a certain course before you can enroll in the class? In other words, is there a prerequisite?
  • Review your degree evaluation in Homer to see which requirements have not yet been met.
  • Click on Registration Status in Homer to find out the time when you can start to register.
  • If you have holds on your account, take care of them before registration.
  • Have backup plans in case you can't get into a course that you want.

Meet with an academic advisor to discuss your plans.

  • Make an appointment to talk with your faculty advisor.
  • Take advantage of drop-in hours at the Academic Advising Center.
  • Meet with an academic advisor to prepare for meetings with your faculty advisor.

Some courses might need a course override. Be prepared for this.

  • Do some advance work by contacting the professor teaching the course to get a sense of whether you might be able to enroll.
  • Use the online course override during the registration period.

And remember:

  • Students may drop and add courses until the end of the first week of the Fall semester.
  • Continue to check Homer to see if there are openings in the classes you want.