The Emerging Scholars Program (ESP)

Emerging Scholars Planning Portfolio

AES staff are available to assist you as you begin the development of a 4-year Emerging Scholars Planning Portfolio. 

The goal of the exercise is to teach you how to plan and prioritize; chart your progress as you progress through the collegiate experience; and to ensure that you have a clear sense of direction for your experience at Ithaca College.  Failure to plan is a plan that fails!

You can begin building your portfolio prior to the end of a semester in anticipation for the upcoming semester.  Be sure to complete your portfolio within 2 weeks of the current semester to be certain that you have set goals, and so that you understand how to find the resources to help you achieve the established goals.

Each completed portfolio will include the following basic information:

1)    An outline of your SMART goals (3 tiers: semester, year-long, and 4-year goals).

2)    Your current semester class schedule and transcript.

3)    The name of at least one course that you expect to be challenging.

4)    A list of all of the books that you have/will purchase for the semester, the total cost, and how you paid for them/plan to pay for them.  If you don’t have a specific book and do not plan/have funds to purchase it, indicate how you are completing the required readings.

5)    A copy of your completed resume (for assistance, visit Career Services).
6)    A budget management document outlining how you will support yourself financially/your expected income from your job if you are working during the academic year.

7)    A narrative of your plans for winter break and summer.

8)    A list of planned activities for the semester (extracurriculars, etc.).

9)    If applicable, a list of courses you plan to take in the upcoming summer terms, where you will be taking them, and plans for payment of these courses. 


10)    A list of your campus extracurricular and leadership activities (updated each year).

11)    A list of planned activities for the year (e.g. conference attendance; campus lectures; internships; research experiences; community service; other).

12)    The name and contact information for a faculty, staff, or alumni mentor.


13)    The name and contact information of at least two faculty members who would give you a positive recommendation if you were applying to graduate or professional school; and another professional contact who would give you a positive letter of reference if you were applying for a job, internship opportunity, or other position.

14)    An updated resume.

15)    If applicable, a list of graduate and professional schools to which you intend to apply.

16)    A draft of your personal statement.

A copy of your portfolio will be kept on file in the AES office.