The Emerging Scholars Program (ESP)

ESP Four Areas of Focus

The AES Emerging Scholars Program focuses on the following four areas. 


Participants agree to use tutoring and other academic support services. Periodic learning skills workshops are designed to address the typical developmental issues that college students face.  We ask that you attend two per year.


If you earn a certain grade point average in a given semester or academic year, you will be eligible to receive awards at the annual Academic Achievement Awards Celebration in the Fall semester. You might also be eligible for awards to assist you with the purchase of your books; support for conference attendance; or program benefits. 


We monitor the academic progress of all participants to ensure that you are in good academic standing for your major and with your school or college. The mid-term and semester grades are reviewed for first and second-year students. We review semester and end-of-year grades for juniors and seniors.


Our goal is to intervene and provide appropriate services for you BEFORE you reach the point where you are on an academic warning, required leave or dismissal from the college. 


You can graduate with your degree from Ithaca College within 4 years if you work with your faculty and major advisors; use academic support services; make good grades; and avoid distractions that can potentially become obstacles to your progress.


AES professional staff members are not faculty advisors.  We do not provide the primary advice needed for developing your semester schedule; we do not make recommendations for adding or dropping courses; and we cannot approve any exceptions to school and major department requirements. We can, however, give you additional insight into course selections and the type of focus that will be necessary to complete the more rigorous courses.  We help you develop skills and strategies that lead to success, graduation, and progression into your desired post-baccalaureate experience. 


We encourage participants to connect with Career Services very early on in your college experience.  Internships, externships, and research experiences will build your equity and make you more competitive for jobs, the world of work and other experiences after you graduate.  We want you to leave Ithaca College with a job or acceptance to graduate or professional school.