PARENT Information

AES tutoring services are free of charge to Ithaca students. 

We support Ithaca students by offering tutoring in key "barriers to majors" courses at Ithaca College. We select those courses based on data obtained through Institutional Research and based on our history of requests for services.  

Small group tutoring encourages interdependence. Individual tutoring is available on a limited basis.

Each semester we offer at least one Peer Learning Groups (PLuGs) for larger introductory courses.

Respect for the Academic Process 

Encourage your student to be thoughtful and responsible with their own academic engagement and with AES human and financial resources.  It becomes challenging to properly serve students when they

              * sign up for tutoring and never use the service; 

              * are always late or don't show up for tutoring sessions;

              * they withdraw from tutoring without letting it work;

              * they discontinue tutoring without letting us know;

              * or they wait until the very last minute to seek help.   


The Family Educational Rights Privacy Act prohibits us from sharing student information with parents.  Students, however, can voluntarily sign a waiver of confidentiality if they wish to permit us to speak to you about their use of tutoring services. 


Academic Enrichment Services is located in 110 Towers Concourse.   Our business hours are Monday-Friday, 8:30am to 5:00pm.