About AES Peer Tutoring

AES provides peer tutoring services free of charge for current Ithaca students! We offer tutoring in over 50 first and second year courses!

What is the goal of peer tutoring?

The goal of tutoring is to provide academic support that complements and reinforces what you are learning in the classroom. Tutors assist you with understanding course content and they help you find strategies for learning the course material more effectively.  

What will an AES Peer Tutor do?

Your tutor might ask you about your approach to studying the material or they might want to see your notes. They will help you understand information from your lectures, clarify textbook readings, and review practice problems with you.  You tutor might quiz you and question you in an effort to stimulate and strengthen your critical thinking skills.

AES Peer Tutors are academic coaches!  They will motivate you and encourage you to excel in your coursework!

What else can I do to be successful in a specific class?

You should also work with your professors and use departmental support (if available) in addition to using tutoring. Not only will your professor appreciate your interest in your academics, but because of his/her expertise, s/he may provide even more more specific, in-depth strategies for learning.

Form or join an existing study group!  Check with your classroom peers!  Study groups enhance learning as each one teaches one!

Your dedicated commitment to your education is essential for tutoring to be successful. It is your responsibility to attend class, participate in classroom discussions, take good notes, complete assignments, and study on a regular basis.   


Other important information you should know:

Writing support is offered through the Writing Center!  Please click on the left bar for more information.

Additional math support is offered through the Math department.  Click on the bar to the left to find out more about the Mathematics Help Room open during the academic year!