General Guidelines for Tutoring


You've made a great decision by deciding to explore AES tutoring.  Use of our services involves the following commitments:

Tutoring is a content-based academic support activity.  Students receiving tutoring are expected to attend all classes; visit professors' office hours; work with teaching assistants; study on a regular basis; take good notes, and apply independant learning skills.

Students receiving tutoring are expected to be consistent and regular in their attendance from the first meeting until the end of the semester or until you decide that there is no longer a need for tutoring.  If you no longer need tutoring, you should complete the online DISCONTINUATION form.

Those requesting and receiving tutoring must respect AES human and financial resources.  It becomes challenging to properly provide services when students:

    *sign up for tutoring and never use the service;

    *are always late or don't show up for scheduled tutoring sessions;

    *withdraw from tutoring before they give it a chance to make a difference;

    *wait until the very last minute to seek our assistance; or

    *discontinue tutoring without informing the tutor or AES.

Although students are sometimes tutored by AES tutors who are their friends, tutoring hours are not to be used for socializing.  All sessions must be held in designated public spaces on Ithaca's campus and appropriately recorded in session reports.

AES appreciates your feedback!  It's our hope that all students receiving tutoring will participate in AES evaluation and assessment efforts.



The Family Educational Rights Privacy Act prohibits us from sharing information about your use of services with parents.  You can, however, sign an AES waiver of confidentiality if you wish to permit us to speak to your parents about your use of AES tutoring services.