About the course

iPhone/iPad programming is about creating mobile applications that run on iOS, Apple's operating system for mobile devices including the iPhone, the iPod touch, and the iPad (and also in some fashion on the next version of Apple's operating system for all its computers, OS X). The course covers the technologies necessary for creating native mobile applications including objective C, Xcode and Interface builder (IB), and the Cocoa Touch frameworks. The course will be run as a seminar. Students will be expected to independently master technologies and give presentations and lectures on these technologies.

To program for iOS, it is most common to use Apple's development environment, Xcode, and the object-oriented programming langauge designed for iOS, objective C. You can code applications in other langauges (such as python or ruby) and use other (or no) IDEs, but you'll find it's much much easier to use the tools that Apple has designed for iOS.

These tools will only run on a Macintosh computer and normally need the most recent version of OS X. There are VM images that you can download from the web that run OS X, but these are not legal and will not be supported in this class. The class will be held in Williams 320 which has macintosh computers running Xcode. There are also several iMacs with the developer tools available in Williams 308.

This class will cover objective C, Xcode, and the Cocoa Touch foundation classes. We will cover the creation of iOS applications from the design to implementation and testing on an actual deivce. We will have several iPad and iPod touch devices available for use in the class. Please note that there is an intricate certification process that must be followed to download applications on an actual device. Ithaca College is part of the Apple iPhone/ iPod touch/iPad developer program and we will be able to supply certificates.