Research Methods

Barney Beins
Dept. of Psychology
Ithaca College

Can we predict students' attendance in class? Some variables that may be relevant are things like student interest in the material, the degree of information density in the class (i.e., can you afford to miss?), a person's GPA, etc. Please answer the questions below with the most accurate information you can provide regarding this class, Research Methods.

All data will be presented anonymously. There will be no way for me or anybody else to know how you responded.

1 (Low)
7 (High)
How interested are you in the class material?

How dense is the information in the class? (That is, can you afford to miss class?)

How would you rate your relationship with the professor?

About what percentage of the time do you attend class? %

How many hours of sleep do you get on a typical night? Respond to the nearest half hour (e.g., 6 or 6.5 or 7, etc.) hours

What is your GPA? Respond to two decimal places if you know your GPA to two places (e.g., 3.53).

What time of the day does your class meet? Only indicate the hour (e.g., for the 8:00 class you would enter 8, for 9:25, you would enter 9; for 10:50, enter 11)


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(Last modified: December 4, 2012)