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Factorial Designs

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Read the following story, then follow the directions below.

A husband and wife were living in a small town that was a distance from their workplace, shopping, and entertainment. The husband worked nights, taking their car and returning in the morning.

Each night, the wife took a bus into town and volunteered at the local hospital. She always returned home before her husband. Her volunteer work was always for short periods and she sometimes left on short notice, angering the hospital workers.

One night, she let Nurse Smith know that she would not be returning. Nurse Smith asked her to leave immediately, and the wife started back to catch the bus home. Unfortunately, the wife had forgotten money for the trip home, so she reluctantly asked Nurse Smith to lend her the fare.

But Nurse Smith slammed the door in her face. The wife remembered that Nurse Jones was also working that night. But Nurse Jones was angry from a previous incident and would not give the wife any money, either.

Time was getting short, so she rushed down to the bus station and asked the bus driver, who recognized her as a regular rider, to let her ride without paying. She promised to repay him the next night. But the bus driver insisted that rules were rules and refused the request.

The woman decided to walk home even though it would take her several hours. Unfortunately, the road was dangerous, with frequent reports of crimes by thieves and muggers. Nonetheless, she had to get home, so she took the road.

On the way, a criminal stepped out of the bushes and demanded her money. The woman told the criminal that she had none. The criminal seized her. In the ensuing fight, the criminal stabbed the woman and she died.

There were six main characters in the story:
• Husband
• Wife
• Nurse Smith
• Nurse Jones
• Bus Driver
• Criminal

Suppose you can assign blame points to the character. Who is the most responsible for the woman’s death?

You have 25 points in total. If you give all 25 points to one person, you have none left. If you give 15 points to one person, you can assign another 10 points to whatever character or characters you wish. The only limitation is that the total points can add to only 25.

_____ Husband
_____ Wife
_____ Nurse Smith
_____ Nurse Jones
_____ Bus Driver
_____ Criminal


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