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Body Mass Index

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You should know a little bit about the concept of the Body Mass Index. We are going to collect some data regarding it. Please provide the following information: your BMI, your waist and hip sizes, and your self-rating of the healthiness of your lifestyle.

You are not required to provide this information. Participation is voluntary. If you would prefer not to answer a question, just type in the letter X in the box instead of the value requested. Your participation and your data are completely anonymous; there is no way that I (or anybody else) can know what data you have entered or even whether you entered any data.

What is your Body Mass Index?

What is your waist size (in inches):

What is your hip size (in inches):

How would you rate the healthiness of your lifestyle on a scale of 1 to 7? (1 = Poor; 7 = Good)

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Last Modified August 2, 2005