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Factor Analysis

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Questions on the Color-Blind Racial Attitudes Scale (CoBRAS) that relate to one another and constitute each of three factors associated with racial attitudes. Participants rated them on a 5-point scale of 1 (Not at all appropriate or clear) to 5 (Very appropriate or clear). The researchers used factor analysis to find out which questions on the CoBRAS related most closely to one another. For half the questions, a score of 5 reflected less awareness of racial problems; for the other half, marked with an asterisk (*), a score of 5 reflected greater awareness. (Neville, H. A., Lilly, R. L., Duran, G., Lee, R. M., & Browne, L., 2000).

The questions on the CoBRAS fell into three related categories (i.e., the responses to the items were correlated with one another and were relatively unrelated to other items), as indicated below. What labels would you give to each of the factors?

Factor 1

Factor 2

Factor 3

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