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 Evolution (General)

Evolution: fact and theory (from the archive)


Genetic concepts (a web-based learning resource aimed at non-science audience)

Clermont College - Meiosis

Clermont College - Mitosis

Meiosis and Sexual Reproduction

Human Genome Project


Nature: Nature of Sex

Nature: Triumph of Life

 Sex Determination, Differentiation, Gender

About Gender (a book in progress; sections on genetics, development, neurobiology, and hormonal interactions)

Mating Behavior, Parental Care

Sexual Cannibalism (Sciencelives; popular article)

Evolutionary Psychology, Sociobiology, Politics

Sex I.D.: Find out how your mind works

Book review (evolutionary psychology), "Male, Female; The Evolution of Human Sex Differences", by David C. Geary


Boys and Girls are Different: Men, Women, and the Sex Difference (1995)

Evolution: Why Sex (2001)

Evolution: The Mind's Big Bang (2001)

Human Animal: Nature and Nurture (1987)

One plus One: A Natural History of Sexuality (2000)

Sex and the Healthy Gene Pool (1987)

The Life of Birds: Finding Partners (1999)

The Life of Birds: Demands of the Egg (1999)

Life in the Undergrowth (2006)

The Nature of Sex: Primal Instinct (1992)

The Nature of Sex: A Time and a Place (1992)

The Nature of Sex: The Sex Contract (1992)

The Nature of Sex: A Miracle in the Making (1992)

The Nature of Sex: The Young Ones (1992)

The Nature of Sex: Sex and the Human Animal (1992)

Trials of Life: Continuing the Line (1991)

Trials of Life: Courting (1991)

Trials of Life: Growing Up (1991)

Triumph of Life: The Mating game (2001)

Understanding Sex (1994)

What Females Want: part 1, what females want (2008)

What Females Want: part 2, what males will do (2008)


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