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Biology Department
CNS 161
Ithaca College
Ithaca, NY 14850

CONGRATULATIONS to my husband, CLIFF, as he is a recipient of the Wal*Mart Teacher of the Year!
 Kyle continues to race in the
Southern Tier Microd Club, Candor, NY

Kelsey has just "got her best birthday present ever"! 
A toy that's fun for the entire family.
\Some family fun at the Spencer Picnic: 
Little Miss Spencer contestant 
SpongeBob Routine--
3rd place winners
Mini Pearl and cousin Earl--
3rd place winners

Our family fun consists of racing, racing and now more racing.  Pages below are PDF documents.
Pierce racing at Thunder Mountain
2005 season
2004 Season
2003 Season
2002 Season
2001 Season
2000 season
1999 season
1998 season



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