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Every Ithacan has a story to tell; for the sake of convenience, we've collected a bunch of them here. Keep up with the latest IC happenings in town and around the world.

Anywhere You Want It To Be

FLEFF Intern Voices, March 5

Blog posting by Katie Beaule, Communication Management and Design '16, FLEFF Blogger, Windsor, CT   When someone once asked Jimmy Buffet where his famous Margaritaville was, he responded,...

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A Fan Since '92

FLEFF Intern Voices, March 4

Blog posting by Hannah Basciano, Documentary Studies and Production '17, FLEFF Blogger, Lancaster, PA   A wall of water barrels down onto thirty terrified men. Another, swelling, lurches the...

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Mini-Course: Under Armour Sponsorship & Event Planning

Ithaca College Sport Management and Media Blog, March 3

As the Global Events Manager with Under Armour, Megan Collins has planned and executed a multitude of events including a traveling summer...

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SENC: Sport Trivia Night TONIGHT (3/2, 8:00 p.m., Hill 107)

Ithaca College Sport Management and Media Blog, March 2

The Sport Event Networking Club (SENC) is hosting a sport trivia night for the campus community this evening (3/2) beginning at 8:00 p.m....

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British Election Campaigns Targeting Women

Posters and Election Propaganda, February 19

Women voters have been targeted in British parliamentary elections since 1918, after women over the age of 30 were enfranchised, and, more...

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"Luminous" Posters Debut in Japan

Posters and Election Propaganda, December 8

Japanese voters go to the polls on December 14 to elect members of the Lower House of Representatives. Unique "luminous" posters are going up. They are printed with a technology that allows...

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The "Fancy" Class of 2018

President's Reflections, August 20

It’s aliiiive!! Every year at this time I think of that line spoken by Gene Wilder as Dr. Frankenstein in the Mel Brooks movie Young Frankenstein.  The Ithaca College campus, like the ...

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