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Ithaca College students reflect on festival

FLEFF Intern Voices, April 24

“I was very impressed by how the music seemed to convey the mood of the story even though it was silent,” Ithaca College Senior...

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Fall/Spring Internship Opportunity: Elmira Jackals (Communications)

Ithaca College Sport Management and Media Blog, April 22

Courtesy of TeamWork Online: The Elmira Jackals professional hockey team is looking for qualified...

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Fall 2014 Fieldwork/Work Study: IC Football (PAID)

Ithaca College Sport Management and Media Blog, April 21

If you’re looking for a Fall 2014 fieldwork opportunity — or just a way to make some extra cash — the Ithaca College...

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Reflection: After-parties at Argon Inn

FLEFF Intern Voices, April 19

In film festivals, parties are as important as movie screenings. This year, Argos Inn, “the beautifully restored, LEED certified historic mansion” on Buffalo St. in downtown Ithaca,...

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Michelle in Chile; Hillary in the USA

Posters and Election Propaganda, October 28

Chile's presidential election takes place in about three weeks; U.S. voters go to the polls in about three years. One thing both countries have in common is that two women—both known...

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The Uninspired Corporate Logos of German Political Parties

Posters and Election Propaganda, May 27

The logos of today's political parties in many countries have become bland corporate identity pieces, similar to those of Sony, Panasonic,...

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