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Top Five Cinemapolis Events

FLEFF Intern Voices, March 30

5.) Helicopter blades thump above.  The camera peeks over the gunman's shoulder, cows graze on the field below.  Then the gunman starts shooting.  Cattle lurch and keel over....

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Top 5 FLEFF Films: Cinemapolis

FLEFF Intern Voices, March 29

Blog Posting by Melani Lopez, Film, Photography, and Visual Arts '17, FLEFF Blogger, Houston, TX FLEFF: A different environment. You’ve seen it on countless posters and advertisements....

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The Hijab on the Pitch: The Global Politics of Women?s Soccer

Ithaca College Sport Management and Media Blog, March 28

As part of the annual Harold Seymour Lecture in Sports History series, Cornell University will host...

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Brock Winter ?12 Quoted in Article

Ithaca College Sport Management and Media Blog, March 20

Brock Winter ’12 was recently quoted in an piece discussing his involvement with the Erik Spoelstra Basketball Academy. The...

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British Election Campaigns Targeting Women

Posters and Election Propaganda, February 19

Women voters have been targeted in British parliamentary elections since 1918, after women over the age of 30 were enfranchised, and, more...

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"Luminous" Posters Debut in Japan

Posters and Election Propaganda, December 8

Japanese voters go to the polls on December 14 to elect members of the Lower House of Representatives. Unique "luminous" posters are going up. They are printed with a technology that allows...

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The "Fancy" Class of 2018

President's Reflections, August 20

It’s aliiiive!! Every year at this time I think of that line spoken by Gene Wilder as Dr. Frankenstein in the Mel Brooks movie Young Frankenstein.  The Ithaca College campus, like the ...

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