Sample Textbook Requistion Form

All information as listed below is required to process your request.

1: Fill in the Term and year for which this adoption applies. Any preprinted information is from a previous term.

2: The department and course number, for example ENGL // 10100.

3: The course name.

4: List each section you are teaching.

5: Total estimated enrollment for ALL sections that you are teaching.

6: This space can be used to indicate any special software, calculators, accessories, or other costs associated with the course.

7: Provide as much information about the book as possible. Author, title, publisher and edition are essential to getting the right book. If you can provide the ISBN, even better.

8: Are the textbooks REQUIRED, CHOICE or SUGGESTED? If you want your students to choose 1 of 2 (or more) titles, each title must be marked as Choice.