The Bookstore offers a textbook reservation program. Textbooks can be ordered through the store website during select times. Textbooks can only be ordered until the week prior to the start of the semester; after that point, the Bookstore takes no further orders.

Please keep in mind the following items when placing your order:

We are constantly receiving textbook orders from professors. If a class has no information available, check back later; we update the online list regularly.

Textbook orders will be filled in the order received, and with stock on hand. If there are no books available to fill an order (for example, the user selects "Used Books Only," and only new books are available), the Bookstore will cancel the order, and nothing will be charged to the credit card.

No charges are applied to your credit card until the day the order is filled. For that reason, be sure you use a credit card that will be valid during the weeks before the start of the semester.

We do NOT ship textbooks. Regardless of any shipping options listed on the ordering site, all textbook orders will be processed for pickup, not delivery.

For all textbook orders we are able to at least partially fill, a non-refundable handling fee of $5 will be charged.

Wherever possible, we will try to consolidate multiple orders into one--if you place an order for some of your books one day, and the remainder in a week or two when more course information is available, and use the same credit card, we will package the books together and charge only one handling fee.

Textbooks can be picked up at the Buyback window (just past the Post Office) beginning the weekend before classes start. Students must have their student ID to pick up their books.