The Campus Store has your software needs covered: Office 365 University is just $79.99 for a four-year subscription, and we carry Media Composer and ProTools for just $294.99.

In addition to the basics, the Campus Store offers LoJack for Laptops. LoJack's software can help locate and recover your laptop if it's ever stolen, and can be used to remotely lock your laptop and delete personal information. One year of protection can be purchased for $49.99--and better pricing is available on 2, 3 or 4 year plans.

If you're just interested in the best possible price on Adobe Creative Suites, see this page to find out about the extraordinary discounts the Bookstore offers.

For other needs, the Campus Store has partnered with to bring great savings to students, staff and faculty on lots of other software as well--from Windows 8 to Anti-Virus through Web Publishing. And on top of the software, they offer hardware like SD cards and WACOM Tablets.