Center for Trading and Analysis of Financial Instruments

Core Trading Consultants

The Core Trading Consultants (CTCs) have been playing a central role in the day-to-day operations of IC's powerful trading room since its founding in 1995. Until recently, the primary role of the CTCs has been to provide access to and technical assistance with the trading room's complex software.

Today, while still providing assistance in the trading room, the CTCs also co-manage (with the school's Financial Management Association) the Ithaca College Mutual Fund, which contains nearly $24,000 in assets.

Working in analyst groups which represent divisions of the economy, the CTCs research companies in specific industries, set up watch lists, and compare fundamentals between firms. Over time, each analyst group selects a stock that they believe will increase in value and gives a "buy presentation" at a meeting. A vote by the shareholders then determines if the stock will be added into the mutual fund.

The expanded role of the CTCs provides a valuable service for the School of Business, and new opportunities for the CTCs to expand their financial knowledge, experience, and confidence.


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