Business Idea Competition

Business Idea Competition Facts

The following contest entry rules apply to the 2013 Ithaca College Business Idea Competition:

  • The competition is open to all current Ithaca College Students.
  • There is no entry fee.
  • An idea can be submitted by an individual or a team, but all team members must be current Ithaca College Students.
  • Only one entry per team.
  • Once submitted the idea is finalized for that round, if the team/individuals advance in the competition the idea may be amended based on comments and feedback from mentor/coach. Although amendments can be made, the fundamental idea cannot change from round to round.
  • Entries that have already secured financing or other capital arrangements from any source for their idea must disclose the amounts and sources of such funding in their submission form. Financing arrangements include, but are not limited to, sales revenue or contracts, research or foundation grants, personal or family funds, angel investment, or professional venture capital investment. Entries that have secured financing or other capital arrangements for their idea in excess of $100,000 may be ineligible to compete. 
  • Previous competition contestants and finalists are eligible to enter Fall 2013 competition.  Previous finalists CANNOT use their winning ideas and must present new ones. Previous contestants who did not place finals are able to use their previous ideas.
  • Coaching sessions are not required but come highly recommended, as helpful information is discussed. All 2012 finalists were regulars at these meetings!
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