What is Professional Development and why focus on it?

The School of Business strives to provide their students with the appropriate skill-set they need to enter the competitive business world and excel in their desired career. Their mission is to give their students a strong foundation to build off of upon graduation and teach them how to properly represent themselves in a positive business manner.

Professional Development is a systematic approach to obtaining specific skills and insight that will allow students to grow on a personal and professional level. It is essential for students to be exposed to professional development because it will prepare them for the real world thus giving them the confidence they need to succeed in a business setting. They will gain the proper understanding of how to:

  • Network and connect with others working in their field of interest
  • Obtain internships that will give them useful work experience and additional knowledge related to that field
  • Land a job that is most suitable for them upon graduation   

The Business-Link Professions Program (BLPP) was developed to provide these resources for their students.  

Professional Development Curriculum

The BLPP is comprised of a series of sequential workshops paired with practical learning applications that will allow students to begin to gather information and establish contacts. This will eventually help them make crucial academic and career path decisions. This program focuses on giving students the chance to apply the material they are taught in the classroom to a real business-like setting. 

The Business-Link Professions Program was underwritten by alumni and was made possible through the members of the Business Advisory Council

**Please Note: The Professional Development Curriculum applies to all students who have enrolled (or intend to enroll) in the School of Business in Fall 2012 or after. 

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