The Business-Link Professions Program coursework consists of a series of workshops and assignments that students of the School of Business must fulfill. This curriculum is designed to act as an aid for students to gain the knowledge and experience needed to mount a successful job search and enter the workplace confidently upon graduation.

The coursework entails the following:

  1. Conduct an Informational Interview (BINT 10400-formerly known as Professions Exploration) with a professional in the student's field of interest.
  2. Participate in a 30 hour Career Exploration exercise (job shadowing, BINT 20400-formerly known as Field Immersion) within the profession of the student's choice.
  3. The Business-Link Professions Program Completion (BINT 40400) indicates that the student has successfully completed all four theme-based career development workshops, received either a Leading Others certificate or a Leading in a Diverse World Certificate, and the Informational Interview (BINT 10400) and the Career Exploration assignment (BINT 20400).

 **Please Note: Before students can complete the coursework listed above, they must first complete the Sexual Harassment Prevention Training online course.