Career Exploration (BINT 20400)

After attending Workshop #2: All-Star Interviewing and completing the Informational Interview (course BINT 10400), students will complete the Career Exploration assignment (BINT 20400).

The Career Exploration assignment is an off-campus experience that gives students an opportunity to observe daily functions of the organization and to interview staff in order to learn various aspects of the organization.   

Students will:

  1. Spend 30 hours of time on-site with an employer to learn various aspects of the company that relates to their major/concentration.
  2. Obtain information about the organizational structure of the company.
  3. Submit a summary of professional skills and tasks that were developed or practiced.
  4. Connect with at least one additional member of the organization to either perform an informational interview or observe on-site. Students should be able to describe how the person's job relates to their action steps from the Informational Interview assignment or their overall goals. 
  5. Reflect on the at least three defining experiences and how they have shaped a view within their field of interest and/or future career. They should connect their experience to what they have learned on campus in the classroom. 

Course Registration 

In order to register, students must complete the Career Exploration application and submit completed applications to the Student Services Desk on the third floor of the Business School. (If you are not on campus, please fax your completed application to 607-274-1152 or scan your application and e-mail it to

Assignment Details

Students are issued a Pass/Fail grade for their Career Exploration assignment based on the timely completion of their final assignment, a final evaluation provided by their career exploration host (which is supplied to the supervisor by the Professional Development Coordinator), and a brief exit survey. The Assignment is an electronic portfolio which details the student's experience.

Creating an Electronic Portfolio

Step 1: Sign up for a free account at

Step 2: Use the following resources :

  • Example of a student's career exploration carbonmade
  • Learn how to use the website for posting your reflection assignment

Step 3: Create  portfolio. It must include the following:

  • a picture of the student and a brief professional bio
  • informational items about the company/agency;
  • weekly log of the tasks performed and the value of these tasks to the company;
  • reflections on at least three defining experiences of this field experience;
  • reflections on the value of this field experience on the student's educational experience
  • a photo/logo image must accompany each bulleted item above in order to make the student's writings viewable. These can be photos of their experience or photos pulled off from their company/agency's website. These photos will not be used by the School of Business in any way.

Submission Instructions:

  • Submit your e-portfolio through the form below (scroll down). Students will be providing the web address for the carbonmade portfolio they have created.
  • Students may submit their portfolio for review any time before that if desired. Note: a grade has been posted, students are welcome to remove the site if they wish.