Center for Print Production

For Administrative and Academic Departments

Submitting Your Printing and Duplicating Requests

Campus departments may send print/copy requests to the Center for Print Production via or the Duplicating Pick-Up/Drop-Off Stations listed below.

For providing print ready files, see our page on "Helpful Tips for Designing Your Document"


Same-day service is available for simple, black-and-white duplicating requests. Requests must be submitted to or placed in a designated Duplicating Center Pick-Up/Drop-Off station listed below by no later than 9 am. The completed job will be delivered only to a designated Pick-up/Drop-Off station. 

To request same-day service:

  1. E-mail the Print Request Form and the document file as attachments to by no later than 9 am.
  2. For files too large to send as email attachments:
         a) Save the document file in our Mentor shared folder located at Mentor_Shared_CtrPrintProd_Files for Print Media_Campus, and note this on your requisition form.
          b) Email the requisition form to by no later than 9 am.
  3. Requests that cannot be submitted online must be dropped off at the Center for Print Production or placed in one of the Duplicating Pick-Up/Drop-Off stations listed below by no later than 9 am. (Note: The completed job will be delivered to the same location and placed in the Completed Job box.)


Duplicating Pick-up and Drop-Off Stations:


  • Campus Center: 2nd Floor (outside Campus Center and Events Services)
  • Roy H. Park Hall: 329
  • Peggy R. Williams Center: 2nd Floor 
  • Smiddy Hall: 322 and 430
  • Hill Center: 7
  • James J. Whalen Center for Music: 3322 (Deans' Office)
  • Alumni Hall: 106
  • Williams Hall: 119 (outside Psychology Dept Office)
  • Center for Natural Sciences: 2nd floor lobby
  • Park Center for Business and Sustainable Enterprise: 319
  • Job Hall: 2nd Floor
  • Center for Health Sciences: 407
  • Muller Center: 2nd floor (H&S Deans' Office)
  • Rothschild Building (formerly "Annex"): main lobby