Events Calendar Policies

Posting Policies

The focus of the Ithaca College Events Calendar is that entries should be made for events that are of potential interest to the campus community at large or a sizable segment thereof, and/or the public. This includes all events for which there might be broad interest or impact across campus, such as concerts, theatrical performances, intercollegiate athletic events, and major lectures, as well as meetings that are of broad appeal and wide impact.

Normally, entries would not be included for departmental or governmental meetings, and other small events (25 people or less) that are not of broad appeal and have little impact on event planning and scheduling across campus. Off-campus events, such as away games for intercollegiate athletics, or major alumni events in other cities, should be included. Off campus events should be noted as such when doing event scheduling.

Submitting an Event

Event submissions must be made at least two weeks prior to the Event date.  Please note that submitting a request for an event to be posted does not guarantee that the event will be approved. This decision is made by the designated calendar administrators.  Entry of your event into the designated calendar is not confirmed until you receive written notification.