Welcome to Cashiering Services (328 Campus Center)


In an effort to reduce the amount of time spent at the Cashiering Services window and to ensure strong internal control of transactions, review and follow the basic procedures outlined below.


The Cashiering Services window is open Monday through Friday, 9 AM to 4 PM (closed from 12 PM to 1 PM). 

Monetary transactions will not be processed after 4 PM. to allow sufficient time for the staff to close out for the night.  If you have a special concern and need to conduct business after 4 PM, please call (607) 274-1213.


  • All checks that are deposited must be made payable to ITHACA COLLEGE.  Checks made payable to any other payee are unacceptable (i.e. Parking Office, Ithacan, Music Dept., organizations, events).
  • Each deposit must be accompanied by a Deposit Slip (also available at the Cashiering Services window).
  • All deposits should be personally handed to us or placed in the night drop box.  Please do not leave a deposit at an unattended window or on the counter if we are busy with other customers. 
  • Any deposit that contains cash must have a receipt generated while the depositor is present.  Only deposits of checks may be left in which case a receipt will be mailed later if requested.
  • Deposits should always be in a sealed envelope or lock bag.
  • Cash should be organized by denomination and all bills should be face up.  BOTH CURRENCY AND COIN SHOULD BE PRE-WRAPPED (wrappers are available from Cashiering Services).  Cash must have a calculator tape, broken down by denomination, accompanying the deposit.

    Note: When wrapping money please verify that all bills are of the same denomination and correct in number.  (Examples: 25-$1 bills=$25, 20-$5 bills=$100, 25-$10 bills=$250, 25-$20 bills=$500)
  • A calculator tape listing each check and a grand total must accompany deposits.  Do not group more than 100 checks together.  Checks over 30 days old are not acceptable and will be returned to the department.  Additionally, checks not deposited in a timely manner which are returned from our bank will be charged to the department, club, organization, etc.
  • Write the Parnassus account number to which the checks are being deposited on EVERY CHECK
  • When endorsing a check over to Ithaca College, make sure to do so in the appropriate area on the back of the check in accordance with federal regulations which prohibit writing in any other area.  Third party checks will not be accepted.
  • Checks and cash should always be deposited within one business day, as it reflects poorly on the College to hold onto a person’s money more than a few days.


  • The Cashiering Services Office disburses petty cash banks.  Banks are only issued to departments with frequent reimbursement needs. Petty cash banks must be reimbursed monthly.  Petty Cash Vouchers must be completed in ink and signed by the department head or department administrator.  Individuals receiving petty cash must have an original receipt or authorized document accompanying the petty cash voucher to obtain funds.  The staff member picking up the reimbursement should not be the same person that is the authorized signer of the petty cash voucher and must have Ithaca College identification.
  • Ithaca College is tax exempt.  Tax will not be reimbursed.  Tax Exempt Forms can be downloaded or picked up at the Cashiering Services window.  Tax exempt forms must be picked up by a staff member.
  • Please notify us of large Cash Advances well in advance (i.e. holiday meal money, international travel, spring trips) so that we can have the denominations you would like available:

Cash - at least two days in advance

  • Cash collected for any reason by departments should never be used as petty cash.  All income must be deposited as soon as it is received. 


Checks must be picked up in a timely manner by the requestor only.  In the event that an employee other than the requestor needs to pick up the check(s), they must have a note signed by the original requestor with a list of check(s) to pick up.  If the person picking up the check(s) is a student representative, he/she must have their IC ID in addition to the signed note.  This policy is more fully stated on the Accounts Payable website.


  • Advance notice is required for cash/coin orders so they will be ready when you arrive
  • Exchanges of rolled coin and bills are no longer accepted