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Ithaca College Undergraduate Catalog 2002-2003

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Graduate Program

The School of Business at Ithaca College offers a master of business administration degree that is designed for students who have earned an undergraduate business degree or completed the core undergraduate business requirements. Ithaca College undergraduate students in non-business degree programs are able to complete the core undergraduate business requirements by taking the School of Business expanded management minor. Such students are able to finish the M.B.A. in 11 months of full-time study.

Certificate in International Business

The primary objective of the certificate program in international business is to provide interested students the opportunity to acquire the coherent, interdisciplinary body of knowledge needed to pursue careers in international areas, especially in international business. The program is aimed at matriculating students from Ithaca College, particularly those in the School of Business (from all concentrations except international business) and the School of Humanities and Sciences. Within H&S, the program might appeal to students in economics, history, modern languages, politics, psychology, sociology, and planned studies. It is also open to extramural students at Ithaca College.

Pass/Fail Policy for Students in the Certificate in International Business Program

The foreign language and international business/economics courses may not be taken on a pass/fail basis. A maximum of two courses in the area studies/international relations track may be taken on a pass/fail basis.

The coursework consists of 15 courses from the following areas:

1. Area studies/international relations (5 courses)

Area studies/international relations familiarize students with comparative politics, history, sociology, anthropology, art, and literature in the context of the world in general or particular regions and countries. These courses can focus on a specific region or subject, or diversify across disciplines and geographic locations. (Check with the School of Business dean's office for the most recent list.)

2. Foreign language (5 courses)

Introductory, intermediate, and advanced foreign language courses are applicable; at least one language course has to be at the 300 level and focus on literature or culture (e.g., 308-34300 The Evolution of French Civilization or 308-34400 Contemporary French Culture).

3. International business and economics (5 courses)


Principles of Macroeconomics



Principles of Microeconomics



International Business Operations


Select one course from the following


World of Business (3)



Introduction to Business (3)



Financial Accounting (3)



Financial Markets and Institutions (3)



Human Resource Management (3)



Principles of Management (3)



Principles of Marketing (3)



Legal Environment of Business (3)


Select one course from the following


International Economics (3)



International Management of Human Resources (3)



Export/Import Operations (3)



International Business Internship (3-6)



International Finance (3)



International Marketing (3)



International Business Law (3)





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