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Ithaca College Undergraduate Catalog 2002-2003

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School of Business

Robert A. Ullrich, Dean, Fall Semester

M. Raquibuz Zaman, Interim Dean, Spring Semester

Hugh C. Rowland, Associate Dean

For full faculty listing, see "Faculty and Administration".


The mission of the School of Business at Ithaca College is to provide a learning environment in which students develop managerial and professional skills of a high order and acquire the requisite knowledge for making decisions that are both economically rational and ethically sound.


· To attract and retain a talented, diverse group of baccalaureate business and accounting majors.

· To attract and retain academically and professionally qualified faculty members who are, first and foremost, excellent educators.

    · The school provides faculty development opportunities and instructional resources that enable faculty members to stay at the leading edge of knowledge in their disciplines.

    · The faculty engage in scholarly pursuits and developmental activities in their disciplines to bring current theories and empirical knowledge into the classroom and to further knowledge in their respective fields.

· To prepare undergraduate students to succeed in a complex, changing world and to provide a foundation for subsequent lifelong learning by offering an extensive program of study in

    · the humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences;

    · a professional business core curriculum that is based on theory, empirical research, and practice; and

    · one or more functional business concentrations.

· To provide the opportunity for undergraduate majors to complete their graduate education prior to launching their careers by offering a one-year M.B.A. program.

· To develop the skills and values that enable students to translate knowledge acquired in the classroom into competent managerial behavior by providing numerous venues in which students can practice what they have studied in class and grow professionally in the process.

    · Students are helped and encouraged to complete internships in a variety of profit-making and non-profit organizations.

    · The school actively supports a number of highly successful student professional organizations. The habits of thought and action that constitute character are learned by participating in organizations whose members exemplify those habits in their everyday behaviors. Because of this, the school encourages students to take active roles in these organizations, where they can experience leadership and service to others and come to view both as essential elements of a productive life.

    · Students are provided opportunities to interact with distinguished alumni and regional business leaders, who share their experiences, host interns, and provide employment opportunities.

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