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Ithaca College Undergraduate Catalog 2002-2003

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    An education grounded in the liberal arts provides individuals with the lifelong learning skills that are fundamental to continuing personal and professional enrichment. In the School of Humanities and Sciences, students explore and experience the intrinsically satisfying values of a liberalizing education while developing the knowledge and skills necessary for successful careers in the professions, public service, teaching, business and industry, theater, and the arts. The bachelor of arts and bachelor of science degree programs are also excellent preparation for professional and graduate study.

    In an atmosphere of freedom and guidance, most students develop a program of study centered on one of the many departmental majors. Other students may choose to develop an individualized program of planned studies, designing their own curriculum to meet particular aptitudes and interests. In each instance, students are encouraged to examine the full range of disciplines within the liberal arts: the humanities, social and behavioral sciences, natural sciences and mathematics, and fine and performing arts.

    The opportunities within the School of Humanities and Sciences are many. Through formal courses and field studies, students develop an understanding and appreciation of the historical antecedents of current social problems, and engage in direct study of current social issues. In the science laboratory, on the stage, or in independent study and research, students can learn techniques of specific disciplines. Courses in writing and rhetoric foster facility in written and oral expression. Emphasis is also placed on developing an appreciation of personal and human values as reflected in the literature, history, art, and philosophy of our own and other cultures.

    In summary, the goal of the School of Humanities and Sciences is to stimulate students to seek facts, approach problems rationally, and respond logically, sensitively, and creatively to themselves, their fellow humans, and the world about them.

    Majors in H&S

    The following majors are offered by the departments and interdisciplinary programs of the School of Humanities and Sciences:

    · Anthropology (B.A.)

    · Art (B.A., B.F.A.)

    · Art Education (B.A.)

    · Art History (B.A.)

    · Biochemistry (B.A.)

    · Biology (B.A.)

    · Biology with Teaching Option (B.A.)

    · Chemistry (B.A., B.S.)

    · Chemistry with Teaching Option (B.A., B.S.)

    · Economics (B.A.)

    · Applied Economics (B.S.)

    · English (B.A)

    · English with Teaching Option (B.A.)

    · Environmental Studies (B.A.)

    · History (B.A.)

    · Social Studies (B.A.)

    · Social Studies with Teaching Option (B.A.)

    · Mathematics (B.A.)

    · Mathematics with Teaching Option (B.A.)

    · Mathematics-Computer Science (B.S.)

    · Mathematics-Computer Science with Teaching Option (B.S.)

    · Mathematics-Economics (B.A.)

    · Mathematics-Physics (B.A.)

    · Computer Science (B.A., B.S.)

    · Computer Information Systems (B.S.)

    · French (B.A.)

    · French with Teaching Option (B.A.)

    · German Area Studies (B.A.)

    · German with Teaching Option (B.A.)

    · Spanish (B.A.)

    · Spanish with Teaching Option (B.A.)

    · Philosophy and Religion:

    · Philosophy (B.A.)

    · Philosophy and Religion (B.A.)

    · Physics (B.A.)

    · Physics with Teaching Option (B.A.)

    · Planned Studies (B.A., B.S.)

    · Politics (B.A.)

    · Psychology (B.A.)

    · Applied Psychology (B.S.)

    · Sociology (B.A.)

    · Speech Communication (B.A.)

    · Drama (B.A.)

    · Acting (B.F.A.)

    · Theatrical Production Arts (B.F.A.)

    · Musical Theater (B.F.A.)

    · Theater Arts Management (B.S.)

    · Writing (B.A.)

    Information about these majors, as well as about the many minors offered by H&S, can be found under "Programs of Study," beginning on p. 199.

    In addition to the courses listed in this catalog, others may be offered on an experimental basis. Details of such courses are published in the Undergraduate Course Offerings and the Humanities and Sciences Supplement for the semester they are given. Students should consult these publications for specific information on the schedule of all courses for the semester.

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