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Ithaca College Undergraduate Catalog 2002-2003

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Center for Teacher Education Courses

The following courses are offered by the Center for Teacher Education.

795-11000 Child Abuse Identification and Prevention

    All candidates for teaching certification must attend a two-hour workshop on child abuse identification and prevention. The workshop is offered once each semester. 0 credits. (F-S)

795-11100 Drug and Alcohol Abuse: Identification and Prevention

    A two-hour workshop on the identification and prevention of drug and alcohol abuse. This workshop is required for teaching certification candidates in music education, physical education, or any H&S teacher education program. The workshop is offered at least once each semester. 0 credits. (F-S)

795-20000 Education and Society   SS LA 1b, h

    Open elective for students interested in exploring educational issues and the interaction between schools and society. Includes study of the history and philosophy of U.S. education, educational systems in other countries, and research and opinion concerning contemporary educational policy and practice. Students use course materials as a lens for reflecting on their own school experience and for developing informed positions about how to improve U.S. schools. 3 credits. (F-S)

795-21000-795-21100 Mentoring in the Community   SS NLA

    Ithaca College students work as mentors with area high school students who have been identified as having aptitude for, but limited access to, college education. Mentors meet regularly with the high school students, providing social and academic reinforcement to support their option to attend college. Prerequisites: Completion of application form; sophomore standing or above; permission of instructor. 795-21000 must be taken first and is a prerequisite for 795-21100. 4 credits, 2 credits each semester. Two semesters required. (F-S,Y)

795-22000 Issues in Elementary Education   SS LA

     Investigates contemporary issues in elementary education, including historical development of elementary classroom practice (emphasis on reading instruction); philosophical and psychological theories of learning; women's role in elementary school teaching; children's literature and storytelling in child development; impact of societal problems on children and families; media literacy initiatives in elementary schools; assessment practices; conflict resolution; family involvement in children's schooling; multicultural understandings; calls for, and examples of, school reform. Prerequisites: Sophomore standing or above. 3 credits. (F-S,Y)

795-34000 Social Foundations of Education   SS LA

    Required for all students in teacher certification programs, but open to other students as well. Combines historical, philosophical, sociological, and anthropological perspectives to investigate contemporary social and cultural issues in education and teaching. Provides preparation for critically reflective decision making, and working effectively with diverse students and communities. Topics include equal educational opportunity; the financing of U.S. schools; tracking/ability grouping; the sociocultural dynamics of teaching and learning; multicultural education; social class issues; gender bias and equity; the experiences of African American, Latino, Asian American, and linguistic minority students in U.S. schools; educating students with disabilities; the role of religion in U.S. schools; issues of sexuality; working with families and communities; developing schools as caring learning communities; effective uses of technology; and recent proposals for school reform. Prerequisites: Three social science or humanities courses. 3 credits. (F-S)

795-36000 Education for Social Change   LA

     Examination of schools and teaching as forces for constructive social change, investigating how educators can create learning experiences in schools, classrooms, youth programs, and communities that will contribute to the school success of all youth and the development of a more equitable and just society. Particular attention paid to democratic approaches to teaching and learning; multicultural education; critical reflection; experiential learning; youth activism; community-based education; and innovative uses of technology. The course reflects in its process many of the topics studied. Students participate in the design of the syllabus and engage in project-centered learning, including a combination of individual and group work. Class discussion and weekly volunteer projects. Prerequisites: Sophomore standing or above; one of the following: 795-20000, 795-21000-795-211000, 795-34000, 330-21010, or permission of the instructor. 3 credits. (S,Y)

795-39900 Independent Study in Education   NLA

    Program of special reading and research arranged by a student with a particular faculty member. Prerequisites: 795-20000, or 795-21000-795-21100, or 795-34000; junior standing or the equivalent. 1-3 credits. (F-S)

795-41300 Selected Topics in the Foundations of Modern Education   HU/SS LA

    Seminar course. Specialized inquiries in sociology of education, philosophy of education, or history of education. 3 credits. (IRR)

795-49000 Internship in Education   NLA

    Permits students to explore specific interests in the field of education through placements in educational institutions, agencies, bureaus, and not-for-profit organizations. The student is expected to prepare a log of activities, complete an agreed-upon list of readings, and produce a reflective diary linking educational theory to practice and a final evaluative report or project based on the experience. All guidelines established for internships by the Academic Policies Committee must be followed. Prerequisites: Senior standing or the equivalent; three courses from the following list: 795-20000, 795-21900, 330-21010, 795-21000-795-21100, 795-34000, with permission of the instructor and of the director of the Center for Teacher Education. 1-4 credits. (F-S)

795-49900 Independent Study in Education   NLA

    Program of special reading and research arranged by a student with a particular faculty member. Prerequisites: 795-20000 or 795-21000-795-21100 or 795-34000; senior standing or the equivalent. 1-3 credits. (F-S)

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