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Ithaca College Undergraduate Catalog 2002-2003

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International Programs

Tanya R. Saunders, Director

The Office of International Programs encourages students to enhance their undergraduate program with a summer or semester of international study. Our staff members can assist students in selecting study programs that fulfill their academic needs as well as their personal interests. With careful planning, students in any major can study abroad.

In addition to sponsoring student exchanges with universities in such countries as the Czech Republic, Japan, Singapore, Spain, and Sweden, Ithaca College administers its own programs in London and Australia. The Ithaca College London Center offers a variety of courses and a number of internships. The Walkabout Down Under program offers students the opportunity to study at several Australian universities over the course of one semester. The College continues to develop new opportunities for students to study abroad.

Through affiliate arrangements with the Center for Cross-Cultural Studies, the Institute for the International Education of Students, the Institute for American Universities, and the School for International Training, students may study various disciplines in many countries around the globe. With the permission of Ithaca College, students may also elect to study abroad with programs sponsored by other accredited American colleges or international institutions.

Courses taken through the Office of International Programs that are taught in a language other than English and intended primarily for native speakers of that language will be treated as transfer courses for grading and credit purposes.

Students planning to study abroad, whether through an affiliated or nonaffiliated program, must have the approval of the Office of International Programs. A minimum cumulative GPA of 2.50 is required for approval to study abroad.

Affiliated Programs

The Center for Cross-Cultural Studies

· Spain -- Seville

The Institute for American Universities Programs

· France -- Aix-en-Provence, Avignon

The Institute for the International Education of Students

· Argentina -- Buenos Aires

· Austria -- Vienna

· China -- Beijing

· France -- Dijon, Nantes, Paris

· Germany -- Berlin, Freiburg

· Ireland -- Dublin

· Italy -- Milan, Rome

· Japan -- Nagoya, Tokyo, Kasugai

· Netherlands -- Amsterdam

· Spain -- Madrid, Salamanca, Barcelona

The School for International Training Programs

· The Balkans -- Zagreb, Serbia

· Belize -- Belize City

· Bolivia -- Cochabamba

· Botswana -- Gaborone

· Brazil -- Belém, Fortaleza

· Cameroon -- Dschang

· Central Europe -- Germany, Austria, Poland

· Chile -- Valparaíso, Santiago

· China -- Kunming

· Czech Republic -- Prague

· Ecuador -- Quito

· France -- Paris, Toulouse

· Ghana -- Accra, Cape Coast, Kumasi

· India -- New Delhi, Udaipur

· Indonesia -- Bali, Sumatra

· Ireland -- Dublin

· Jamaica -- Kingston

· Kenya -- Lamu, Nairobi

· Madagascar -- Antananarivo, Fort Dauphin

· Mali -- Bamako

· Mexico -- Oaxaca

· Middle East -- Israel, Jordan, Palestine

· Mongolia -- Ulaanbaatar

· Morocco -- Rabat

· Nepal -- Kathmandu

· Netherlands -- Amsterdam

· New Zealand -- Hamilton

· Nicaragua -- various cities

· Panama -- Panama City

· Russia -- St. Petersburg, Irkutsk

· Samoa -- 'Upolu, Savai'I, Fiji

· Senegal -- Dakar

· South Africa -- Cape Town, Durban

· Spain -- Granada

· Southern Cone -- Buenos Aires

· Switzerland -- Geneva

· Tanzania -- Arusha, Moshi

· Tibetan studies -- Dharamasala, Kathmandu

· Uganda -- Kampala

· Vietnam -- Ho Chi Minh City

· Zimbabwe -- Harare

Study in an Affiliated Program

Students enrolled in affiliated programs are guaranteed academic credit for their study abroad, but petitions for assignment of credit are required to ensure that the credit is applicable to their degree program. Grades received are calculated into students' grade point average, and students are eligible to register in advance for the semester they return from study abroad.

Students applying to an affiliated program should not take a leave of absence. Tuition and fees for the program are paid to Ithaca College, which in turn pays the affiliate, provided the administrative fee of $150 per semester has been paid. Bills for tuition and fees from the affiliate should be sent to the Office of the Bursar with a check payable to Ithaca College for the full amount due, less any payment or financial aid already posted to the student's account. Students studying full time with affiliate programs may be eligible for Ithaca College financial aid. They may also be eligible for federal and state financial aid programs.

Study in a Nonaffiliated Program

There are numerous U.S. college-sponsored programs of study abroad in addition to programs offered by the universities of many countries. The Office of International Programs has a library of materials about both kinds of programs.

Students enrolled in nonaffiliated programs are not guaranteed academic credit for their study abroad unless petitions for transfer credit have been approved in advance for the courses they take. Ithaca College will grant transfer credit only for grades of C- or better, but grades are not calculated into the students' Ithaca College grade point average. Students are eligible to register in advance for the semester they return from study abroad, provided they have taken a

leave of absence. Students on a leave of absence must have a $250 deposit on account at Ithaca College and pay a $150 administrative fee for study abroad to the College. Students studying with such a program are not eligible for Ithaca College financial aid. Federal funds may be applicable to participation in nonaffiliated programs. Students with financial need should inquire directly to the program of interest about extramural scholarships and consult with the Office of Financial Aid.

Students who wish to apply federal funds toward the cost of participation in a nonaffiliated program should submit bills for tuition and fees from the nonaffiliated program to Ithaca College's Office of the Bursar. Payment should then be made to Ithaca College for the full amount due, less the financial aid already posted to the student's account. Ithaca College will then pay the nonaffiliated program. Students who do not receive federal funds should make payment directly to the nonaffiliated program.

Application Procedures for Study Abroad

1. Consult the associate director for study abroad to learn more about options and procedures. Obtain a copy of the Ithaca College guidelines for study abroad.

2. Meet with your academic adviser to discuss your plans and select appropriate courses from the program's offerings. Upcoming seniors should also obtain and complete a graduation worksheet in conjunction with the academic adviser.

3. Apply to your chosen study abroad program.

4. Make an appointment with the associate director for study abroad to go over the paperwork required to obtain Ithaca College approval for your plans.

5. Application deadline for spring semester is October 31, 2004; deadline for summer or fall semester is March 31, 2005.

6. Attend two mandatory study abroad orientation sessions. There are several orientations held in April and November of each year. Contact the Office of International Programs for further information.

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