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Ithaca College Undergraduate Catalog 2002-2003

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Study at the London Center

The Ithaca College London Center offers an academic study program for sophomores, juniors, and seniors. Students from Ithaca and other colleges and universities in the United States who want an international study experience of one or two semesters during their undergraduate years are invited to participate. The London Center's curriculum includes courses in the liberal arts, business, communications, and music that are designed to take advantage of the social and cultural milieu of London. There is also a specialized program in theater arts for students beyond their first year majoring in this area.

The London Center is housed in a restored Victorian mansion in the South Kensington district of the city. Most faculty members are British, and convey a perspective that helps students understand British society and develop cross-cultural awareness. Excursions and visits to various institutions, cultural centers, and museums are an integral part of the curriculum, while presentations by guest lecturers bring students into contact with distinguished individuals from a variety of disciplines.

Students carry a full academic load while studying in London, and enjoy many opportunities for class-related trips and other educational travel. The London Center program operates on an academic calendar that differs somewhat from that of the Ithaca campus.

Special Dates for the London Center

Fall 2004

Academic Program


Mon., August 16



Thurs., December 10

Fall Recess


Sat., October 9



Sun., October 17

Final Examinations


Mon., December 13



Fri., December 17

Spring 2005

Academic Program


Mon., January 10



Fri., April 29

Spring Recess


Sat., March 5



Sun., March 13

Final Examinations


Mon., May 2



Fri., May 6

Transportation and living costs vary, but London Center students pay normal Ithaca College tuition and fees. Students receive assistance in finding flats in London.

Financial aid arrangements available in Ithaca, including New York State scholarships and rehabilitation grants, are available to students at the London Center. In addition, students may compete for a limited number of supplemental London Assistance Grants. Resident assistant stipends are not available in London and college work-study positions are limited.

London Center Study Abroad Program

Participation in the London Center program, whether for a semester or a year, is open to sophomore, junior, and senior students from Ithaca College and other American institutions. A minimum 2.50 cumulative average and approval by the applicant's dean are required for admission to the London Center, in addition to academic and personal references, an essay, and judicial review.

The London Center features a special program in British theater and humanities internships in English, history, and art history. Internships are also available for qualified students in the areas of theater, business, communications, economics, music education, politics, and social services (health administration, psychology, and sociology). Program descriptions and course listings follow.

British Theater

In cooperation with the Department of Theatre Arts, the Office of International Programs offers a theater program in London. The program is designed to provide students with an understanding and experience of British cultural life -- both historical and modern -- through the medium of the theater.

All students in the theater program take the 9-credit core, consisting of a seminar and a laboratory involving attendance at numerous plays during the semester. In addition, students may take an internship, a performance course (either Introduction to British Styles of Acting or Styles of Acting), or any other course offered at the London Center.

Enrollment Policy

The theater program is designed for juniors and seniors. The theater program is selective, with priority given to theater majors. Applications are available from and should be submitted to the Office of International Programs.

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