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Ithaca College Undergraduate Catalog 2005-2006

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Interdisciplinary Business Courses

888-10000 First-Year Seminar in Business   NLA

    Links the challenges faced by first-year college students with similar demands in business settings. Students learn that many of the issues they face individually in transition from high school to college have parallels to those faced in business organizations. Topics covered include time management, goal setting, learning styles, communication skills, and resource utilization, among others. Open to first-year business students only. 1 credit. (F,Y)

888-10100 World of Business   NLA

    Surveys the functional areas of business -- finance, accounting, human resources, production, marketing, and international business -- and reviews the socioeconomic, political, and legal factors that influence business decisions in a global economy. In addition, the course links the challenges faced by first-year college students with similar demands on management in business settings. Topics covered include time management, goal setting, stress management, career development, and other topics related to student and career success. Open to first-year students in business and first-year exploratory majors only. A student may not receive credit for both this course and 882-11100. 3 credits. (F,Y)

888-19800 Experiential Learning   NLA

    Permits students to investigate specific business disciplines and their career opportunities through placements in business organizations. The student is expected to keep a log of activities and have frequent contact with a faculty sponsor. This course may be repeated a maximum of three times with different employers. Open only to business majors; credits may not be used for a business elective, only for open credit. Three credits maximum; the combination of this course and 8xx-49800 Internship may not exceed 6 credits. Pass/fail only. Prerequisites: 888-10100; sophomore standing. 1 credit. (F-S,Y)

888-19900 Washington, D.C., Practicum   NLA

    Off-campus experience in Washington, D.C., involving varied nonroutine work projects that allow students to synthesize classroom learning with on-the-job learning acquired by working in an organization. The program puts primary responsibility on the student to carry out program requirements in conjunction with a faculty sponsor. Prerequisites: 888-10100; sophomore standing; minimum of 2.50 cumulative grade point average at Ithaca College. Credits may only be used as open elective credits and may not be used as business elective credit or to replace other business coursework. Pass/fail only. 3-6 credits. (F-S,Y)

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