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Ithaca College Undergraduate Catalog 2005-2006

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Emphasis is placed on the individual's awareness of dance as communication and dance as a lifetime leisure activity structured to satisfy the interests and desires of individuals of all ages.

664-10000 Dance Exercise I   NLA

     Allows the beginner to experience the benefits and pleasures derived from dance. Exercises from various dance forms allow the student to increase strength, flexibility, and endurance; to increase range of movement; to improve posture and body image; and to shape, tone, and condition the body while simultaneously developing coordination and grace of movement. In addition, the student develops awareness of the body and its energy so that efficient use of the body becomes part of everyday life. Pass/fail only. 0.5 credit. (IRR)

664-10100 Dance Exercise II   NLA

    A continuation of Dance Exercise I. Pass/fail only. 0.5 credit. (IRR)

664-10200 Dance Exercise III   NLA

     For those students who are able to perform at a fast pace and a more advanced level. Prerequisites: 664-10000; 664-10100. Pass/fail only. 0.5 credit. (IRR)

664-10300 Dance Exercise IV   NLA

    Provides students at a high level of fitness the opportunity to work out at an advanced level. Prerequisites: 664-10200. Pass/fail only. 0.5 credit. (IRR)

664-10400 Dance Exercise with Weights   NLA

    For the student who desires a more difficult workout through the use of wrist weights and ankle weights. Emphasis is placed on strengthening the upper body and on toning hips and legs as students learn about cardiovascular endurance, strength, and flexibility. Pass/fail only. 0.5 credit. (IRR)

664-10800 Jazz Dance I   NLA

    The objectives are to help the student move freely and naturally in order to experience the quality of jazz dance, experience the variety of styles and rhythms in jazz music and jazz dance, and become familiar with terminology used in jazz dance. The student should experience his or her own natural rhythms and energy levels, experience the mind/body relation-ship, increase in strength, flexibility, and endurance, and improve positive body image. This course is designed to develop the kinesthetic sense and memory, to develop basic motor skills and rhythmic acuity, and to help the student understand the possibilities and limitations of the body and experience his or her own range of movement. Pass/fail only. 0.5 credit. (IRR)

664-10900 Jazz Dance II   NLA

    A continuation of Jazz Dance I, or for those students whose background enables them to perform at an intermediate level. Pass/fail only. 0.5 credit. (IRR)

664-11000 Jazz Dance III   NLA

     A continuation of Jazz Dance II, or for students whose background enables them to perform at a fast intermediate level. Pass/fail only. 0.5 credit. (IRR)

664-11100 Jazz Dance IV   NLA

    Offered for the student who can perform at an advanced level with the opportunity to improve and perfect skill and technique in this dance form. Prerequisites: 664-11000. Pass/fail only. 0.5 credit. (IRR)

664-11300 Tap Dance I   NLA

    This course is designed to (1) allow the student to experience the form of tap dance, (2) promote exercise and an enjoyable experience through tap dance, as well as skill and confidence at the beginning level, (3) develop the rhythmic acuity that is necessary to this form, (4) equip the student with the terminology used in tap dance, and (5) introduce students to the history of tap dance, its development as an art form, and its contribution to American musical theater. Pass/fail only. 0.5 credit. (IRR)

664-11400 Tap Dance II   NLA

     A continuation of Tap Dance I, or for those students whose background enables them to perform at an intermediate level. Pass/fail only. 0.5 credit. (IRR)

664-11500 Tap Dance III   NLA

     A continuation of Tap Dance II, or for those students whose background enables them to perform at a fast intermediate level. Pass/fail only. 0.5 credit. (IRR)

664-12100 Aerobic Funk Dance I   NLA

    Students learn the latest street dances and get a cardiovascular workout. This fast-paced, high-intensity class is made up of low-impact movement and funky choreography from warm-up to cool-down. Not recommended for beginners. Some aerobic or dance experience is necessary. Pass/fail only. 0.5 credit. (IRR)

664-12200 Aerobic Funk Dance II   NLA

    A continuation of Aerobic Funk Dance I, or for those students whose background enables them to perform at a more advanced level. Prerequisites: 664-12100. Pass/fail only. 0.5 credit. (IRR)

664-19900-664-19999 Selected Topics in PALS   NLA

     Topics of current interest to faculty and students. Experimental courses are offered under this course number and title. This course may be repeated for credit for different selected topics. Prerequisites: As appropriate to topics. Pass/fail only. 0.5-1 credit. (IRR)

The PALS program also sponsors intercollegiate athletic courses. Credit may be awarded for a full season of participation, including preseason conditioning, skill and strategy sessions, and competitive opportunities. Medical clearance by the College's health center is required prior to participation in any intercollegiate sport.

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