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Ithaca College Undergraduate Catalog 2005-2006

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Community Service Program Courses

337-29500, 337-39500, 337-49500 Community Service   U NLA

    The community service program deals with volunteer work throughout the Ithaca area. Agencies train and orient students to their individual needs. The program is offered on a credit or noncredit basis. A faculty sponsor is needed if credit is desired. Prerequisites: Permission of department chair and dean. Variable credit; minimum of 2 credits. (Y)

337-39700, 337-49700 Community Service Internship   U NLA

    Together with a faculty sponsor, students develop an interdisciplinary work-study project that combines an academic core with responsibilities in a professional setting. A design statement must be developed and approved in advance. Application forms and guidelines are available in the office of the dean. Students should have completed most of a major that prepares them for the work experience. See information on internships, above. No more than 12 internship credits may be counted toward a degree. Advance approval by the provost is required for the 7th to 12th credits. Prerequisites: Permission of department chair and dean. Variable credit.

337-29900, 337-39900, 337-49900 Community Service Independent Study   U LA

     Students may register for independent study in areas that have cross-disciplinary aspects or that are not available elsewhere in the College. Those interested should obtain the independent studies application form and guidelines from the office of the dean and develop a project in consultation with a faculty sponsor. Offered on demand only. Prerequisites: Approval of the student's adviser; permission of department chair and dean. 1-4 credits.

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