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Posted by Susanne Morgan at 4:25PM   |  1 comment

Today is my daughter's birthday. She was born the day before the last class of my very first year teaching. Her brother will be 39 in July, born 2 weeks after I finished my dissertation.

And this is my last month as a faculty member. Yikes! I'm thinking about lots of things: how the roots of what I'm doing now are in those very early days in my very first job. How undergraduate education is very different now, and how we struggled to figure things out. And also how scholarship has changed. I'm reclaiming my voice as a scholar, from the days with no mentor for "real" scholarship to writing for the public to finding a scholarly home as I retire.

We're building the May Faculty Institute on Tuesday the 25th around reflections (Julian Euell as Dr Only and Shewanee Howard on teaching in the black female body; and reflections by several groups of faculty who are crossing boundaries.) I will pull together some of my own reflections too.

Have a look, and register now! The CFE Home Page has the link.

1 Comment

Since I cannot attend the festivities tomorrow, I must send my heartfelt and warmest wishes to Susanne for all she has done, for me personally and for Ithaca College. I can't say how many conversations we have had, mostly informal ones at coffee breaks at May Institutes, or before a committee meeting, but all have been helpful. We will miss the huge amount of information Susanne has about teaching and pedagogy; we will miss her organizational skills at meetings; but most of all we will miss her supportive and congenial attitude, always positive and forward looking. I raise a glass to you, Susanne, and wish you all the best in your next phase of life! Happily, I expect to see you around IC and town.

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