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Posted by Susanne Morgan at 11:59AM   |  17 comments

The end of May ends my formal responsibilities to Ithaca College! I am filled with gratitude for my years here and the relationships with all of you. You have made my life the best it could possibly be. I'll be in town and in the community, and on campus having fun!

Some of my dear friends/colleagues are hosting a dish to pass at the Stewart Park Pavilion on Saturday May 21 (the day before Commencement) from 4 to 7. Rachel Wagner and Ali Erkan have more information.

Can't come but what to share a memory or a wish? Use the "Comment" feature on the blog!


Hello, Susanne! You have been so supportive, so kind, and so willing to listen, about so many things. Let me be the very first blogger, though I will, of course, be there Saturday.

Let me also mention, for clarification, that the picnic is on May 22nd. The time is, as you posted, 4-7 at the large enclosed pavilion at Stewart Park.

You have been great to work with for the past few years. I'm sorry to see you go but wish you a best in your new phase. Hopefully,I'll see you on campus and online! - Marilyn

Won't you be glad to be done with my consistent errors about dates???!!!


After only one year here, I am so grateful that I caught just the very end of your incredible presence at IC! I am really excited for the next phase for you, and will forever remember how incredibly different this year would have been for me had I not had the opportunity to know you. Thank you!


Susanne, I wish you all the best with whatever comes next! (I won't be able to come to the picnic, but I hope it's lovely.) -Emilie

Congrats Susanne! Sorry I won't be there for your celebration, but please know how much you will be missed. Thank you for all you have done for faculty development, and for helping "foster" the Finger Lakes Project.

Great work and if I were in the country I would be at Stewart Park to celebrate you and with you.

Thank you, Susanne, for your wonderful leadership not only of faculty development, including the program for new faculty members. IC owes you so much. The Board of Trustees meeting will prevent me from being at the picnic in your honor ... I'll keep mum on where I'd rather be! Very best wishes for the future, Tom

My time at Ithaca so far has been better for you having been a part of it. I'm sorry I won't be able to come to the picnic, but I'll be there with you in spirit. Thank you!

Susanne, you have helped me feel supported and welcome during my first two years here. Congratulations and thanks!

Susanne - It has been a wonderful opportunity getting to know you on the bus on the way to work in the mornings and working with you to enhance the faculty commons. I will miss your presence on campus and in the virtual world but look forward to catching up with in and about town, to hear about all the splendor of your retirement. Congratulations and all the best.

Susanne -- You've been such a help to so many of us individually, but I also want to acknowledge how much you have done for us collectively. You've been such a force behind creating a sense of community here at IC, and we are all going to have to work extra hard on that front from here forward... Thank you for your incredible dedication to making IC a better place to work, teach, think, BE! I wish I could be with you all Saturday. all best, Jennifer

It has been a pleasure working with you, Susanne. I've always appreciated your ebullient and welcoming style. I wish you all the best on whatever paths you may take. I wish I could be there Saturday. I won't say good bye, but rather -- see you soon!

Hey neighbor-- good luck to you in your future endeavors. Ithaca College is a much better place because of your work!

Susanne (former office roomie)....
This is truly the end of an era... you should be very proud of everything you accomplished in your many years here at Ithaca College. Your work has had a lasting impact on the institution.
Take care and enjoy this next phase of your life.
My best to you and Helen.

Dearest Susanne,

I will always be grateful for your support, enthusiasm, and friendship! We have had fun collaborating and learning together … I can ALWAYS count on you for encouragement. Thank you for the wisdom you brought to the LeaderShip program – our faculty participant! I am excited for you and this next phase of your life. However, this doesn’t mean you are excused from “coffee-talks” or get-togethers with me!
with much love and admiration,

Dear Susanne,
I will attend the picnic on Saturday, but I wanted to add my voice to the chorus of those who thank and admire you for all you have done for the community of learners and teachers here -- not just faculty, but staff and students as well. You have taught me much about inclusion; you have always been generous and nonpossessive with your knowledge and resources, and have set a great example for us all. I look forward to reading the fruits of your scholarship as you are freed up from some of your time drags! And I hope there is time for R&R in there as well.

Fondly, and in gratitude,


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