Academic Community

Faculty Learning Communities

The Provost and Center for Faculty Excellence support a pilot Faculty Learning Communities Program at Ithaca College. A proposal is linked at right. It was not yet fully implemented, however.

  • What are they? a facilitated faculty group with a scholarly purpose.
  • What kind of purpose? 
    To support individual teaching projects toward scholarship of teaching and learning;
    To explore an institutional question with a product that is institutional and also scholarly.
  • Why would I do it?
    I'm doing it already (trying something in a course; engaging in an institutional conversation;)
    It will count: the Provost and Dean will notice and I'll try for a presentation or publication.
  • What are topics? See description on the right.
  • What should I do now?
    Attend the May Institute, particularly Wednesday May 20, 2008.

 A subsequent proposal was submitted in April 2009 as part of the Integrative Curriculum Initative request for proposals. It was not funded as it supported faculty rather than student learning directly. It is attached on the right.