For Faculty

The Office of Civic Engagement (OCE) will serve as a resource to assist faculty in defining service learning objectives, in developing collaborative programs and in rigorously assessing the educational benefits of volunteerism and service learning activities for both our students and community. We encourage faculty to contact the Office of Civic Engagement by calling 274-3686 or email with any questions you may have regarding service learning at Ithaca College.  In addition the following faculty are members of the Service-Learning Design and Implementation Workgroup and are a helpful resource.

Ali Erkan, Associate Professor, Computer Science
Phone:  274-1764

Belisa Gonzalez, Assistant Professor, Sociology
Phone:  274-3921

Hormoz Movassaghi, Professor, Finance and International Business
Phone:  274-3956

James Rada, Associate Professor, Journalism
Phone:  274-3637

Michael Smith, Associate Professor, History (Currently on Sabbatical)
Phone:  274-1290 

Patricia Spencer, Assistant Professor, Writing
Phone:  274-3770

Jessica Valdez Taves, Assistant Professor, Occupational Therapy
Phone:  274-3792

Nicholas Walker, Associate Professor, Music Performance (Currently on Sabbatical)
Phone:  274-3462