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Other K-12 Implementation Centers:

The ARC Center

The ARC Center (Alternatives for Rebuilding Curricula) is a collaboration between the Consortium for Mathematics and Its Applications (COMAP) and the three National Science Foundation supported elementary mathematics curriculum projects: Investigations in Number, Data, and Space (TERC); Math Trailblazers (University of Illinois at Chicago); and Everyday Mathematics (University of Chicago). The goal of the ARC Center is to promote the wide-scale implementation of reform elementary mathematics curricula through teacher enhancement and leadership development, public awareness and information, consulting with schools and districts, and evaluation.

The Show-Me Center

The Show-Me Center, in partnership with five NSF-sponsored middle grades curriculum development satellites and their publishers, provides information and resources needed to support selection and implementation of standards-based middle grades mathematics curricula. These curricula showcase the vision of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics as outlined in their Standards documents. These documents call for major reform of school mathematics to support the goal of improving mathematics learning. Emphasis is on important mathematics that is explored by students through active engagement.

The K-12 Mathematics Curriculum Center

The K-12 Mathematics Curriculum Center, funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF) and located at Education Development Center (EDC) helps guide school districts as they build a shared vision of the goals for a K-12 mathematics program. The Center provides a variety of services and products to assist school districts around the country as they select and implement standards-based mathematics curricula. The project focuses on district needs related to the selection and implementation of, and transitions among three elementary, five middle, and five high school NSF-sponsored mathematics curriculum programs. The K-12 Center offers resource guides, discussion cases, a series of seminars, and other resources to help facilitate discussion and decision-making among various stakeholders within a district.

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