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North Carolina Raising Achievement and Closing Gaps Conference, March 26-28, 2007:

Research Studies:

Challenging The Gridlock: A Study Of High Schools Using Researched-Based Curricula To Improve Mathematics. Mark St. John, Kasi Allen Fuller, Nina Houghton, Pamela Tambe, Tamara Evans. Inverness Research Associates, October 2005.

High School Mathematics Curricular Decision-Making: A National Study Of How Schools and Districts Select and Implement New Curricula. Mark St. John, Inverness Research Associates, Winter 2000

Materials from the 2001 COMPASS Curriculum Showcase:

The Top Ten List [ppt]
"Ten Evaluation Findings That Illuminate the Important Realities of Curriculum Implementation"
Keynote Address by Mark St. John, Inverness Research Associates

Growing the Next Generation of Teachers and Children
Keynote Address by Margaret Cozzens,
Vice President and Chief Academic Officer, Colorado Institute of Technology

Questions for Discussion
School and Community Data Form [pdf] 

Additional Reading:

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