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SIMMS Integrated Mathematics: A Modeling Approach Using Technology

SIMMS Integrated Mathematics makes math accessible to all students by using real-world contexts from a variety of disciplines. It incorporates the use of technology as a learning tool in all facets and at all levels of mathematics.
SIMMS Integrated Mathematics is a complete, NSF-funded, NCTM Standards-based curriculum for all students that spans Algebra though Pre-Calculus.

• Engaging real-world explorations/applications
• Clear learning objectives and expected outcomes
• Multiple assessments
• Daily practice problems
• Multiple learning styles
• Increased interest in higher-level math
• Improved student readiness for standardized tests and college-level math

The third edition of SIMMS Integrated Mathematics contains all of the basic elements found in previous editions, along with some new features. For example, each activity now offers an additional problem set designed to hone mathematical skills before students solve application-based problems. Several individual modules were substantially revised, presenting fresh approaches to geometric proofs, hypothesis testing, compositions of functions, and other topics. Each module at each level includes the following sections:

• Explorations
• Discussions
• Mathematics Notes
• Warm-Ups
• Assignments
• Research Projects (in most modules)
• Summary Assessment
• Module Summary
• Glossary

The teacher edition in the third edition of SIMMS Integrated Mathematics has been redesigned as a wrap-around textbook. A Teacher Resource CD is also included.

For information on the curriculum and how to order materials, contact:

Kendall/Hunt Publishing
4050 Westmark Drive
P.O. Box 1840
Dubuque, IA 52004-1840

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