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The Center for Research on the Effects of Television was begun at Cornell University in 1983 by John Condry and Cynthia Scheibe under the name of Human Development and Television Research (HDTV). Following Professor Scheibe's appointment at Ithaca College in 1986, it became a joint project between Ithaca College and Cornell University and was renamed CRETV in 1992. Upon John Condry's unexpected death in 1993, the project was consolidated at Ithaca College under Cynthia Scheibe's direction with active participation and assistance of the members of her undergraduate research team.

CRETV has two components: an archive of television content and a research lab conducting studies of the content of television and its effects on viewers. The archive is used extensively by the CRETV researchers themselves and is also available as a resource for others. Since the archive reflects a representative sample of American television, analyses of the content can be used to document the nature of television (its structure, the content of programs and commercials) and to trace changes that occur over time. This information can subsequently be used to study the psychology of television-its effects on different types of viewers, how viewers comprehend and respond to the content they see, and the role television plays in the psychological development across the life span. The CRETV lab is also available on a content basis to test children's understanding of specific TV content and effectiveness of media literacy techniques.

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Last Update: January 31, 2000.