How to Access the CRETV Data

There are four ways individuals or organizations can use the CRETV archive material.

First, CRETV can be contracted to find the answer to a specific content analysis question. For example, the CRETV staff could be hired to conduct a content analysis of a representative sub-sample of the archive to investigate portrayals of mental illness on television or to document the incidence of violence on different types of TV programs over the last 10 years.

Second, individuals or organizations can request information from the CRETV archive database itself (i.e., basic descriptive data that have already been coded and analyzed). For example, CRETV could provide a summary of the types of products advertised on certain types of programs over the past 10 years, a list of all the programs in the archive that referred to AIDS, or summary information about the programs that contained violence.

Third, CRETV can provide a random sample of videotaped material from the archive for individual or organizations to use to conduct their own analyses. The sample can be selected to meet the specific criteria desired by the researchers (e.g., with respect to the number of hours of content, the inclusion of commercials and/or programs, the years or times of day to be included). CRETV staff will edit a videotape containing the material requested, including a listing of the content with its original source information (date, hour, station, etc.).

Fourth, CRETV can identify specific content to be edited onto a videotape for educational or research use (e.g., 50 examples of sex shown on soap operas, a range of program excerpts related to drug use, or all portrayals of physically handicapped persons). Again, the criteria can be set to any specifications, including the number of example to be selected and the nature of those examples. Keep in mind, however, that material from the archive may be used only for research or educational purposes and cannot be used for rebroadcast of any kind.

All of these projects can be arranged with the CRETV Director. Fees are based on the amount of staff time needed to complete the request and the materials used. If you're interested feel free to contact us.