Past & Present Projects of CRETV

Content Analyses
      • Portrayals of Males and Females in TV Commercials
      • Portrayals of People of Color in TV Programs and Commercials
      • Drug-Related Messages on Television
      • Portrayals of Marriage in Fictional Programs
      • Parenting Styles and Discipline Techniques Shown in Prime-Time Fictional Programs
      • Social Values in TV Commercials
      • Nutritional Messages and Types of Food Shown in TV Commercials
      • Portrayals of Love and Romance in Prime-Time Programs
      • Nonprogram content of Children's Television
      • Children's TV Commercials in the U.S. and Korea
      • Messages about Education and Teachers on Television

Studies of Effects
      • Children's Understanding and Moral Reasoning about TV Cartoons
      • Emotional Responses to Televised Content: The Role of Perceived Reality
      • Children's Understanding of Anti-drug Public Service Announcements
      • Effects of Objectified TV Portrayals of Women on Perceptions about Date Rape
      • Televised Gender Portrayals and Their Effects on Korean Children
      • Young Children's Understanding on Nutrition and Nutritional Claims Made in TV Commercials
      • The Role of Familiarity in Social Perception: Responses to Television Drama
      • Differential Responses to a Video Presentation Labeled "Real vs Fictitious"
      • Effect of TV Commercials and Public Service Announcements on Viewers' Emotional Responses to Televised Events
      • Learning the Categories "Real" and "Make-Believe"
      • Television's Influence on Personal and Societal Level Benefits
      • The Effects of Justified and Unjustified Violence on Viewers' Acceptance of Violence
      • Effectiveness of Media Literacy Techniques with Young Children