Archive Summary Reports

Periodically, CRETV publishes summary reports of its findings. These reports describe in some detail the current structure of television programming, including analysis of how it has changed from previous years. The report also contrasts aspects of the structure and content of television across different program types, different time periods of the day and week, and different stations. The first report (published in 1997) also includes a retrospective series of reports from each of the previous years sampled, along with a comprehensive analysis of the years sampled. The TV program ratingsSpecial attention is paid to structural and content aspects that relate to current federal regulations and recommendations (e.g., the Children's Television Act of 1990, the TV program ratings). A similar (although much briefer) report of the data from the 1983-1987 archive collection appears in The Psychology of Television, the first edition of which was written by John Condry (Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, 1989), with more detailed data reported in the second edition.