CRETV - Super Bowl Facts


Welcome to the CRETV Super Bowl Facts!

From this page you can view the facts and figures that we at CRETV have complied from Super Bowl 33 in 1999 and Super Bowl 34 in 2000. CRETV or The Center for Research on the Effects of Television has two components: an archive of television content and a research lab conducting studies of the content of television and its effects on viewers. We study the structure of the broadcast day and year, and can provide information concerning the number of commercials each hour and the amount of time devoted to them, as well as information about the types of products advertised, the types of programs shown, and so forth.

On this site we currently have data on the broadcasts of the Super Bowl in 1999 (Super Bowl XXXIII), and the Super Bowl in 2000 (Super Bowl XXXIV). In our lab we house data from many other Super Bowl broadcasts. For information on obtaining this data please contact us. The data on this site is presented as data from 1999 (Super Bowl XXXIII) only, from 2000 (Super Bowl XXXIV) only, or you can view a comparison of both side by side. We also give you little tid-bits of information collected from several sources as well as links related to Super Bowl advertising and broadcasting.


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