n November 2005 I went to Zagreb to find the place where members of my family died.

This is the link that describes my trip:

It was a release for me to go to these places where my family died and I feel that I am born a new. I became free from that nightmare that was in my heart all these years. I visited the place again in in May 2006 with my wife and here are some pictures from this journey. It was very healing for me and my wife.

My wife took these pictures of my friends who helped me understand better the situation in Croatia now. Djuro is in the middle and Dusan on the right. Djuro is a Serb living in Karlovatz and did extensive research on what happened during the second world war and the recent war in this region.

These are pictures of a Hotel in Karlovatz (my Fathers home town 50 km from Zagreb) which was destroyed about 14 years ago after the war in Former Yugoslavia started.   Each side claims that the others did the damage.

These are pictures from Jadovno. So so sad what man can do to man but forgiveness and Love is the only answer

After Jadovno we headed tp Pag and passed through Karlobag, most peaceful village.

Karlobag, we rented a fisherman to take us to Pag for $100

Arriving at Pag

Probably the guards lived in this roofless stone structures

The Bodies were thrown to the water here

The flower and stones saw everything and are silent

The Journey back. We keep the memory, the Love and the faith and integrate the sadness