Jadovno Pictures from Dani's visit to Croatia Monday November 21, 2005:

I was looking for the place where I read that members of my family died.  I read there was a cliff where people were thrown down alive and died in terrible agony and wanted to find the place and pray for Peace and Forgivness.  After waking up at 4:00 am and driving from Zagreb to a small town named Gospic (about 2.5  hours) I asked a young man how to reach the place called Jadovno. It was only a few kilometers away from Gospic and I found a dirt road through the woods.

After a few miles I saw a stone structure in the middle of the woods that looked worth exploring.  I stopped my car but assuming that the people were thrown of a cliff I started climbing up the mountain until it was too cold and too dangerous, went back to the car and after driving a little more  decided to turn back to the main road.  On the way back I met three wood cutters whom I asked if they knew about a place where people died 65 years ago and they told me to return the that stone structure but walk down and look for a hole in the ground.

Stairs leading the the hole

A stone wall surrounding the hole.  I believe it was built as a memorial even though there are no words.

The hole, a few feet in diameter and miles deep.  Thousands of people were thrown into it alive.  What man can do to man.

Before I left I lit a memorial candle for ALL the victims.

Link to old pictures of Jadovno  (1953-55).  If you have more information Email me to novak@ithaca.edu or to bastasic@teol.net

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